Haymarket Metro Station, Newcastle upon Tyne
17 June – 17 July 2003

Produced by Forma as part of the Art on Transport public art programme of Nexus

Frequency Shift was a collage of music, nature recordings and radio that permeated Haymarket Metro Station, bringing unfamiliar and surprising sounds into an everyday setting. The sound-scape consisted of a wide range of works by international and local electronic musicians (including “This Just In” by Cathode), intersected by recordings of radio broadcasts from around the world. This random nature of the sound-track echoed the way in which listeners experienced only fragments of the sound-track at a time, as they wait on the platforms or travel the escalators, always en route to other destinations.

The music selected suggests the theme of travel, or of reverie, the moments of reflection and relaxation one experiences while in transit. The radio broadcasts, comprising music, speech and advertisements, will provide momentary intrusions of unfamiliar sounds and languages, like the radio of the taxi one takes into the city on arriving at the airport. More about this project on the Forma website.