Remix collaboration and live performance

20th February 2004, Side Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne

Sound artist Andrew Hodson’s “Map Music” project is an electronic montage of manipulated found sounds recorded in and around the Tyne & Wear Metro system.  It creates an immersive sound track to a real time trip around the Metro loop, designed to be heard using a CD walkman while travelling from central Newcastle out to the coast and returning along the River Tyne.

“Map Music” was released as a CD in March 2004 and includes a remix by Cathode, “Travel Aspirations”, based on Andrew’s original field recordings.

MAP MUSIC LIVE: Cathode and Andrew Hodson collaborated on the live launch event for Map Music – not so much a performance of the album as a jointly constructed, semi-improvised reinterpretation of it.  All sounds used in the performance were taken from the original field recordings. Two unedited films out of either side of a moving metro, shot by Mat Fleming and Christo Wallers (Cineside), accompanied the soundtrack. All elements of this project were supported by Nexus’ Art in Transport programme.



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