Paper Soul - Remix for d_rradio
Appears on "d_rradio remixed"
Distraction Records DIST12R - CD Album - 500 copies only
September 2008
Three Tier Loop - Remix for Caro Snatch
On Caro Snatch: "Es Muss Sein" EP
Phonector Records
Released 2006
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The Addressee
A collaboration with Caro Snatch
Released as an extra track on Caro Snatch: "Es Muss Sein" (full-length CD)
Phonector Records
Released 2006
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Hugs - Remix for Bauri
on The Condition of Muzak 2
CD compilation
Expanding Records evsc2:06
Released 2006
Be Red Or Yellow (live at Norberg Festival)
on Expanding Live At Norberg 2005
free download mp3 compilation release through
cat no. efd 106
Released 2006
Be Red Or Yellow
on Expanding Records: Sampler One
Promotional CD compilation escd1:06
Released 2006

The Sky At Night

Appears on the Compilation release "Session One: Tribute To John Peel"

Available for free download from

Remix for Gamers In Exile
released on
“Unbearable Candies” CD featuring V/VM, Cex, Duplo Remote and others
Unbearable Records UNBCIDDI001 March 2001

From and Inspired By
Released on “British Underground” CD.
British Council / Circuit, no catalogue number.
Dec 2001

Released on “Soft Love: A Tribute to Soft Cell” CD
555 Recordings 555CD34
April 2002

Released on “555CD55”
55 track compilation CD celebrating 555 Recordings'
55th release, includes badge and sticker. Also features Isan,
Printed Circuit, 6955, Kid606, Random Number, Lesser, Figurine
and many, many more
Feb 2003

Travel Aspirations
Remix for Andrew Hodson
Released on “Map Music” CD by Andrew Hodson.
Beautiful Pigeon records EON010
March 2004
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This Just In (C90 Remix)
Released on “Mind The Gap 50” compilation CD
Gonzo Circus records GC056
June 2004

How The Mind Works
Remix for The Unit Ama
Unknown Release - 2005