Image by Rob Kennedy, sound by Cathode
2002, 4'57", stereo, b/w
sound: Cathode,  image: Rob Kennedy

A video for the cathode work “Sundowning” (released on 7” single on Static Caravan – see releases) by Rob Kennedy. The audio output is sent to the video input. In the space between, the mixing desk controls the dance of light and shadow on the screen.  What appears on the screen is the result of the video input trying to decipher the alien signal it is receiving.

“Sundowning” was screened at:
Impakt New Media Festival. Utrecht, 2003
Lux Open,  London, 2003
Eartours, Glasgow, 2003
Machinista, Glasgow, 2004
Also toured as part of Impakt Highlights programme throughout 2004

“Sundowning” appears as a Quicktime movie on the cd release of 'Special Measures' (see releases).


Stills from "Sundowning"