Selected Reviews

From the press...

"excellent tunes that fill a heavier void sometimes left sparing by other electronica artists. Pulsing sub-bass, building rolling drums, pop'n'glitch and even enough space for a minimal melody. Up there with the best." - dj magazine

"blink-and-you'll-miss-it-subtle, with minute crackles, stumbling half-bars of beats and meandering melodies ... builds from slivers of off-white noise to lush chamber piece in the space of five minutes" - jockey slut

"Newcastle's own lord of micro beat implosions, the leader of Tyneside's electronica revolution ... deliciously gliding tunes, rippled with tender pops, cutting clicks and blippy uprises" - the crack

"coats and intertwines the arcing and waning beats and melodies with highly unsettling static and sine-tone glitches ... each spit and speckle is scuplted to fit its nanosecond of fame on the beat ... hypnotic, burrowing into the brain to spark off unfamiliar and beautiful emotions" - nightshift

"moody, melodic soundscapes of carefully controlled clicks, beats and bleeps produce a crescendo of beautifully blended electronic rhythms ... a sound as emotive as it is creative" - metro

From the web....